20 October, 2008

MAC and Hello Kitty

Ok,...so we've all heard that Mac WILL BE collaborating with Hello Kitty for a collection this February 09. There is no info as of now on packaging or products (trust me I've looked). Due to the popularity of Hello Kitty, as told to me by a close friend, these will SELL OUT!!! SO START SAVING!!!
Now I for one have no idea what or who this Hello Kitty is as I grew up watching Ninja Turtles, Batman, and of course Mr. Wizard,...so sorry ladies, but I'm not that excited,....HOWEVER,...I'm assuming that with what I have seen of these Hello Kitty characters,...the colors will be AMAZING!! Not to mention everything that I like. Plus I'm a sucker for packagaing,.....
Which leads to another point,...the packaging. Hopefully,...MAC will understand that 5 year olds won't be purchasing these products. I've seen many a Hello Kitty product from my friend and the store in Horton Plaza. I've seen things for 2 year olds all the way up to us "adults". That being said, I for one hope that MAC will stick with the adult route. The last thing I want is to hold up a compact with an adorable little cat that only the screaming kids across the way will envy.
I found this pic while lookin for pics and I must say if MAC stuck to packaging similar to this,...I'd buy everything!

I also just recently (just a few secs ago) found this character, which I love the look of. So if it appears on any of the packaging I will DEF buy!!

When I find more info or pics I'll be sure to let you all know!!

Stay Beautiful :)