09 January, 2009

Ahh So Busy!!! Sorry Everyone!!

Hey Everyone! Ok so I'm sooooo sorry, and I think that I need to explain. I haven't made a video in FOREVER, nor have I responded to any comments until just recently. So here's why:

First: I just finished moving!!! Yes I'm excited, but man so much work. Now mind you, this was no where near as stressful, and exciting, as my cross country move out to Cali,...but moving is hard work and it takes time. Fortunately, we just moved a few streets down, so the driving of cars back and forth wasn't bad.

One of the big downsides ?? Well when we moved cross country, we sold EVERYTHING! I mean furniture, kitchen supplies,...just everything. With all of our normal things, my art and supplies, our music instruments and just random things, we had to take a big U-Haul, and it just wasn't worth keeping things. So this is both exciting and not. Exciting cause we get to start all over and I've been given full decorating freedom (yes I will have a graveyard pic on the wall!). Mainly cause my boyfriend has the same taste as me and just doesn't care. haha AWESOME! The not so awesome part is our place is pretty barren furniture wise now. We have desks, a tv stand, a bed and a few other things, plus we're getting our new Leatha Couch delivered on Sunday,..but that's it. So we're starting off slow and having fun!

Second: My lil sis is moving out this weekend! I'm totally STOKED! I know she'll love it here and it will be good for her. She'll be living with the boy and I in our new place. One down,....3 more sibs to go. haha

So this of course this is taking up some of my time,...fun time of course,...but still time. She was out to visit a few months ago, so she has an idea of the area, but that's all. So I'll be showing her around, helping her get set up for work and maybe getting her another job too. So EXCITED!!!

Third: I just FINALLY got internet. The stupid company told us we would have it on the 1st of Jan,...but of course it didn't go that way. Bastards.... Of well,...we have it now. I still need to set up my new area though. The lighting should be amazing. With lots of natural light. My window faces a diff direction(with and AMAZING view!) so hopefully all will be well.

Ok,...wow that's it! I just wanted to explain where I've been! I will be posting sometime soon!

Stay Beautiful! :)

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