26 May, 2009

MAC Wipes Dupe! Cheap!!

So I was in Costco the other day and I wandered into the beauty section. I had been here before and wasn't impressed, but today I was on a mission to find some sponges and such for my kit. I was hoping I would find a large qty for a cheap price. Although I didn't find what I was looking for, I did find these awesome wipes!!!!

Ok so let's break this down. I'll compare MAC since I'm sure most of you know this. Mac wipes will run you $25 for a 100 pack or $17 for a 45 pack. That can get pricey, especially if you're using this on clients. Also MAC wipes are enriched with a cleanser you don't need to rinse off. The wipe itself has a slight texture on one side that helps to grab the makeup and GET IT OFF!

So I was stoked when I found these Kirkland Signatures wipes that cost $11 for a 150 pack! YES! THAT'S SO CHEAP!! I wasn't even looking for these yet here they were. They're just like the MAC wipes. They're enriched with their own cleanser that you don't need to rinse and one side of the wipe has that same texture to grab the makeup!

All in all this was an amazing find. I would def check this out if you have a Costco by you and either have a card or someone you know does. I also have a vid up with more detail if you click the title of this entry.

Hope this helps some of you!!

Stay Beautiful :)

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