05 July, 2008

I'm Back!!!! So It's Vaca Haul Time!!

Hey Everyone! I'm finally back from my vaca! It was a blast!! :) I'll be making an entry on what all happened and some pics a little later, but right now it's HAUL TIME!!!

So while I was out in Ohio and Pennsylvania, I of course had to shop! The #1 place I went to was Grove City Prime Outlet in Grove City, Pa. I highly highly HIGHLY recommend that you go there if you live in the area. It is HUGE!!!!! Honestly it's about the size of 8 average size malls. The CCO there was also completely stocked with so many items. They had about 10x the amount of MAC products that my outlet store here in San Diego has. CRAZY!!!! I wish I had brought more money! haha I stil can't believe I lived there for so long and when my friends all went there I was like "nah, I don't feel like it". Wow was I dumb, but then again I had no idea of the greatness. Also here's a plus if you didn't know. In Pennsylvania, there's no taxes on clothes or shoes,...yeah,..awesome!

Ok so now it's on to the goodies!!

Well here's a look at everything. Now it's time to get more detailed :)

So here's some nail polish thatI bought. The Black Star and Midnight Fost colors are from a brand called Petites. I purchased these at Walmart for $1.32 a piece. The Shocking Pink and In The Lime Light and both China Glaze brands that I bought at Sally's for about $2. They were on sale, so that's why they were so cheap. One of the top coats I also purchased at Sally's for about $5, and the other, which is an OPI top coat, I found in the clearance section at Big Lots for $3!!! Yeah that's crazy. I def recommend the OPI topcoat.

Here's so stuff I purchased online. I bought 50 pans and 2 glitters from www.starsmakeuphaven.com. Awesome website and cheap prices!! The glitters are Turquoise and Light Green, both from MAC. I also finally got my order from www.archetypecosmetics.com. These are AMAZING!!!!!!! I've def fallen in lov with this brand. I'll be doing a full review on them, so there will be swatches and that to come!

Here's just some random things I purchased. I got the purse from the Journey's outlet in Grove City for $25. It's super cute and although I don' really use purses ever, I'm gonna try anf force myself to use this one. haha I also purchased a applicator and jar from sally's,...nothin special there. I tried the Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara,....AWESOME!!!! Lastly, is the Turquoise Glitter liner from Hot Topic. This is such crap! it was $2 and there's no glitter in it, plus the pencil is stiff. I say pass on this.

Here's some brushes I got. The large one is the MAC 150 that I purchased at the CCO for $29.50. The 3 clear ones were $1.77 at Pat Catan's and the 3 black ones were about $2 from the same place. The purple one is a Lowe Cornell brush from Michaels's for around $3-$4.

Here are some NYX ahadows I bought from work when they were bogo. I must say I'm not that impressed, but I'm still tryin to make them work.

I also FINALLY got my comp. eyeshadows from Nix'ie. Such drama,..but that's for another day. I'm very excited about this brand and will be doing a full review after I buy some more products. If you're interested go to www.nixiecosmetics.com and type in sassafraxia during checkout,...you'll get 10% off your purchase :)

Ok,...here's all the good stuff from the CCO. Hello MAC!!! I'm in love with all these colors, except for the Astonish All Over Gloss. I may be swaping samples on makeupalley. Also, the Dark Soul pigment is safe for the eyes,..don't worry. There were only certain batches that weren't safe and this isn't one of them.

Ok so that's everything!!! If you want further reviews on anything special let me know!!!!

Stay Beautiful :)

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