01 June, 2008

1 Month Hiatus

Hey EVERYONE!!!!! So I'm gonna be going on vacation for a while. I leave June 2nd and I'll be back at the end of June! Yeah a whole month!!!!

So what am I doing,...well I'm going back home to Ohio and Pennsylvania. One of my younger sisters is graduating from High School. YAY BECCA!!! So of course I'll be there for that. Also, I'll be hanging out with all my friends and of course my other siblings. There's also the Pittsburgh Art Festival which I used to go to all the time as a kid,..so that'll be fun too.

I'll be sure to add pics and such of the amazing times!

So what this means to you,...well you won't hear from me during this time. I'm not gonna be on a comp or anything,...so there won't be any posts or responses. As soon as I get back though,..there will be quite a bit of posts!

Well thanks so much guys. Have fun while I'm gone!!!

Stay Beautiful :)

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