10 December, 2008

Cover Girl Exact Eyelights Mascara

Ok,...so I finally picked up the new Cover Girl Exact Eyelights mascara. I had read about this in the magazines at work and was really excited! Of course, it's a known thing that diff colors or even flecks will bring out diff colors, so the fact that Cover Girl used this in a mascara was amazing. All I have to say is it's about time! haha

Here's some info on the product. It comes in 4 different colors. For Brown eyes: Black Pearl, for Blue eyes: Black Sapphire, for Green eyes: Black Ruby and for Hazel Eyes: Black Gold. All of these come in either a waterproof or non-waterproof formula, although I haven't seen the waterproof ones everywhere the non-waterproof ones are sold. The mascaras are all "black", but have diff colored light reflecting metallics. These metallics are what reflects off your eyes to bring out the particular color. So for example, for green eyes, the black ruby has a slight ruby (redish) tint to it due to the ruby metallic flecks.

The wand itself is made of rubber, similar to their lash blast mascara. Compared to Cover Girl's Lash Blast, thought, their Eyelight wand is a little thinner and longer. I must say I like this wand much better. By being longer and thinner, you can really get those lashes in the inner and outer corner of the eye.

Ok so now it's time for my OPINION and review:

As far as bringing the color out , it DEF works! I was very impressed. Now my eyes are all three colors and will change mainly on my mood, but of course depending on what colors are near them. My fav of these colors is green, so I purchased the Black Ruby mascara. I decided to put that on one eye and my Urban Decay Big Fatty on the other eye. I immediately noticed a difference, but I wanted to further test it. So I hung out with my boyfriend who later on in the evening asked me why me eyes were 2 diff colors today! haha! Yes,...that was my proof! So I can DEFINITELY say that THIS MASCARA WORKS!

Now for the quality of the mascara. Ehhhhh,...not so impressed. I normally use Urban's Big Fatty and Cover Girl is no where close. I'm a big fan of a teddy bear brush, and CG's rubber wand doesn't really cut it. First off, this mascara doesn't lengthen or thicken. No big deal, as I don't care for mascara's that do that anyway. Also, it's kinda clumpy. Now I've def used mascara's that were worse, but this is just a little too clumpy. I'm used to being able to apply and be done with it. With this mascara, I find I have to apply and mess around with it a little to get the look I'm after. Also, you can't really reapply during the day. Since it's kinda clumpy, if you try to apply another coat later in the day after it's dry, it REALLY clumps! Eeek.

That being said,...even with the clumpyness I still really like this mascara and will continue to use. Pricing may very but at Ulta it was $7.99 usd. You can find this anywhere CG Cosmetics are sold. It comes in both a waterproof and non-waterproof formula. I have noticed that the waterproof ones aren't available everywhere yet,...so who knows about that.

Ok that's all. Have any question let me know!

Stay Beautiful! :)

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