18 November, 2008

Amazing Holiday Kits From Smashbox

So the holidays are here and many brands have been coming out with their Holiday Collections. One of my favs this year is Smashbox's Rapture Holiday Collection. They have absolutely amazing sets for cheap prices!

These have been out for a few weeks now and I've been able to play around with them a little and have been truly happy with what I've seen. Of course Smashbox is known throughout the make-up community for having amazing pigmentation and long lasting power. They are also known for their foundations and of course THEIR PRIMERS! No need to worry about their ingredients either, they are paraben free, fragrance free, oil free and hypoallergenic as well as some of their products even helping with fine lines and wrinkles!

These kits can be found at Ulta and most likely at Sephora. You can also go on their website, http://www.smashbox.com/ and check out these and a few more holiday sets.

Here we go! :

Ok so here is a set including 5 of their most popular lip gloss colors. The colors include Illume, Radiant, Candid, Ravishing, Lovely and Stunning. Illume and Lovely are DEF some of the most popular colors I've sold.

This is their eyeshadow collection, featuring 8 duo shadows and 2 brushes, #32 and #13. OMG! This needs to be apart of my life! This is such an amazing deal! And yes,...you can depot these into your MAC palette!

Here's their brush Collection. It features 5 of their brushes in travel size. It includes a Face Brush, Shadow Brush, Angled Blending Brush, Smudger Brush and a duo Contour and Liner Brush. They all come in an adorable pink bag! So cute!

Here's something simple and CHEAP! It may not be as fancy as the others, but if you're on a budget and you wanna seem like you spent more than you did,..this would be it! Only $19!!!!! It features a travel size of their Bionic Mascara, travel size lip gloss in Aura ( yes I absolutely LOVE this color!) and fusion soft lights in Dusk. Now how does Dusk work?? For those of you who don't know,...it can be used as eyeshadow,...blush,...or even a bronzer! Yes,...it's that amazing! Maybe I'll do a tutorial ;)

And lastly,..something that may be for you instead of someone else,...a set that includes their full size and travel size foundation primer. This only comes in their basic photo finish but the price is GREAT!!

For more info and a list of ingredients don't forget to visit their website. Hope you like the goodies!!!!

Stay Beautiful :)

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