18 November, 2008

Coming Dec 1st!! Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Face Powder

So I must say,...HOLY SHIT AM I EXCITED!!!! I talked with a Smashbox make-up artist and Smashbox is finally coming out with their Halo Hydrating Perfecting Face Powder. Now yes,..this has been listed on QVC for the past 2 years listed at up to $72 as a testing for this product,...but so many ppl loved it that it's finally coming to ULTA DECEMBER 1ST!!! I'm so excited!!!

I was able to play around with it and LOVED it!! Not sure what this is??,...let me tell you. Let's start with what you can see. You'll notice that the powder is pressed,...but what are all those holes in the center?? Well,..on top of the pressed powder is a metal piece that you twist that slightly shaves off a few pieces of the pressed powder,..thus making it a loose powder!!! But you have the control over it!! NO MESS,..NO FUSS,...JUST AMAZING!!! It also comes with a little kabuki brush. You can use this powder as either a foundation or a setting powder!
Now for the things you don't see! Of course,..it's Smashbox so it's Paraben free, oil free and talc free. It's also filled with Gogi Berry (very powerful antioxidant), Amino Acids and Peptides! This means that it also has anti aging qualities! Most people will see a diff in 6 hours,.but the best results will be after 1 month of use! Over 60% of fine lines and wrinkles gone!
Next are it's hydrating qualities. It's infused with encapsulated water which refreshes the skin and gives it that healthy "glow" without accentuating lines. It comes in Fair, Light, Medium and Dark. Yes I am excited,...Fair!!! Yay!!!! It's also only going to be around $50! Again,...I can't wait!!!
Here's the downside,..one of their foundations is going away.....

This is the foundation they're getting rid of. It's their Pro Matte Anti-Shine Powder. You can find it now in their Curtain Call section for a cheaper price,..so if you love it,...stock up.

So their you go!!!! YAY!!!! Check out their website soon for more info, http://www.smashbox.com/, nothing is listed now,..but it will be soon! And check out your local ULTA's on DEC 1st to get your goody!!

Stay Beautiful :)

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