01 June, 2008

MAC Colour Forms Release Date July 18, 2008

This collection is a NORDSTROM'S EXCLUSIVE! Just to let all of you know. This collection is full of eyeshadow and lippalettes. Also,..if you've been waiting for some brush sets,..HERE THEY ARE. The brush sets have quite a few goodies including the famous 187.

This collection is nice and large so there's bound to be a product for everyone. Along with the palettes and brush sets,..there's also pigments, lipsticks, blushes and richmetal highlighters!

Warm Lips Palette
Flash of Flesh Sheer peach pink with multi-dimensional pearlized pigments
Fresh and Fun Creamy neutral coral (Frost)
Oh Garnet Creamy mid-tone red (Amplified Creme)

Cool Lips Palette
Virginity Sheer mid-tone pink with pink pearlized pigments (Lipglass)
Miss Rose Creamy mid-tone blue pink (Lustre)
Cassis Royale Sheer mid-tone plum (Lustre)

Neutral Lips Palette
Lunar Sheer creamy yellow beige with white pearlized pigments (Lipglass)
Altered Beige Creamy yellow beige (Lustre)
Square Root Mid-tone burnt bronze (Frost)

Warm Eyes Palette
Fertile Blackened brown (Satin)
Chillproof Frosty creamy white (Frost)
Tancentic Frosty beige pink (Veluxe Pearl)
Rolled Gold Frosty golden olive (Lustre)
Rustic Frosted copper red (Veluxe Pearl)

Cool Eyes Palette
Radial Pink Frosty white pink (Velvet)
Brown Border Frosty plum (Veluxe Pearl)
Spot Colour Mid-tone blue purple with white pearlized pigments (Lustre)
Blue Spill Mid-tone cornflower blue with gold pearlized pigments (Frost)
Slate Smoky grey (Satin)

Inner Hue Creamy mid-tone coral outer with sheer golden peach pearlized core (Lustre)
Naked to the Core Creamy soft neutral pink outer with sheer beige pearlized core (Lustre)
Pop Circle Creamy bright blue pink outer with sheer pale pink pearlized core (Lustre)
Rose Go Round Creamy burgundy outer with sheer golden pink pearlized core (Lustre)

Richmetal Highlighters
Dark Influence Frosty purple with pink pearlized pigments
Deep Deposit Frosty deep blackened burgundy
Female Frosty pale pink with green gold pearlized pigments
Positive Charge Frosty copper with gold pearlized pigments
Quick Flash Frosty warm gold
Rose Bullion Frosty mid-tone pink with gold pearlized pigments

Circa Plum Frosty mid-tone lavender
Gilded Green Frosty mid-tone green with gold pearlized pigments
Jardin Aires Tan with gold pearlized pigments
Royal Flush Frosty mid-tone red
Steel Blue Rich deep turquoise green blue shone with small pearlized pigments
Tea Time Bronzed brown with multi-dimensional pearlized pigments

Colour Form Powder
Play Around Pink Intense blue mid-tone pink with pearlized pigments, plum, soft pink with pink & white pearlized pigments, light pink
Sun Centered Coral with gold pearlized pigments, mid-tone bronze, soft wheat with gold & silver pearlized pigments, soft peach with white pearlized pigments

Brush Sets
5 Advanced Brushes 168SE, 187SE, 212SE, 219SE, 275SE
5 Basic Brushes 129SE, 190SE, 224SE, 242SE, 266SE

thatnks to temptalia.com for info :)

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