01 June, 2008

MAC New View Release Date July 2008

This is MAC's new collection featuring mineralized skinfinish. Just like the other ones, this will be a dome shaped product in it's one compact. The difference here, though, is that it has a very interesting combination.

This product actually starts out as small terracotta tiles that are baked for 24 hrs. Whoa! This allows you to have a very sheer and "flawless" finish. The compact also consists of a shimmer side and a natural side. This way you can use them together or seperate!

Light Medium/ Natural and Shimmer - Pale golden beige/Warm yellow beige
Medium/Natural and Shimmer - Soft creamy beige/light peachy pink
Medium Dark/Natural and Shimmer - Caramel/Light tan
Dark Natural and Shimmer - Deep caramel/Mid tone yellow gold
Deep dark/Natural and Shimmer - Rich golden bronze/deep copper bronze

Thanks so much to pursebuzz.com for info! :)

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