01 June, 2008

Review Of Recent You Tube Haul

Hey everyone! So if you subscribe to my channel,..I'm sure you've seen my most recent Haul Video! If not,..just click the title of this blog to connect to the vid :)

So I bought a BUNCH of stuff,..but here I'll only discuss my makeup purchases. I bought a few things from the CCO, MAC and online. I'm very happy with everything that I've purchased :)

Group Shot! :) Yeah,..here's all the makeup goodies that I bought. I've been using them like crazy over the past wekk and LOVE THEM!

So I'll start with the eyeshadows. I purchased the the Heatherette Trio 1 online. Yes,..I know I'm a little late on the whole Heatherette thing,..but oh well. I also purchased Rose Blanc, Fertile and Jewel Blue eyeshadows from the CCO. The Delphic fluidline also came from he CCO.

I really realy like the Heatherette Trio. The color are amazing and I really like how they look. Rose Blanc is also a very nice neutral color,..although it is a little more on the yellow-gold side. Fertile and Jewel Blue I'm a little disappointed in. Fertile looks like a dark purple,..but when you apply it it comes out soooo dark that just liioks dirty. Gross! I'm still playing around with it though to see if there's a better way to get that purple color. Jewel Blue is a really kewl color,..but the application is weird. This is a veluxe shadow and my first experience using one. Again,..the color is AMAZING,...but the texture,...not so much.

I also purchased some pigments and all over gloss. I purchased the Pink Pearl pigment from the Heatherette collection online. They Helium pigment and Astonish all over gloss is from the CCO. So I have mixed feelings on these. The helium pigment is kinda weird. I like to apply my pigments dry over UDPP. When I do this with Helium,...there's hardly a color that shows up. It onestly looks more like a glitter than a pigment. I tried it wet also and still the same effect. If I really really pack it on then I'll get some color, but it's hard to blend. Yeah,...oh well. The Pink Pearl pigment, however, is AWESOME!!! Lov Lov Lov this color! It's an amazing pinky purply blue color that looks good dry or wet. Lastly is the Astonish all over gloss. This is a little weird. I bought it cause it was translucent and when I see anything like that it has to be mine. I later researched it to find out it's uses and there are quite a bit. You can use it on your lips, cheeks eyes, etc. I really only like to use it on my lips,...as it's sicky and feels weird on my skin. I have a feeling this is gonna sit around for a while.

I went to my MAC counter and purchased some liquid foundation. This is the select spf in NW15. Yes,..the palest color they have! :) Love this stuff! I'm not much of a liquid user,..but every once and a while a little liquid is needed. The Clinique gloss #207 Air Kiss and the MAC Sparklepencil in NightSky is from the CCO. Both are amazing!! I love Clinique lip gloss. You don't really get a lot of color payoff,..but you do get a nice shine. The MAC Sparklepencil is also kewl. It's a black sprakly liner pencil and I use it all the time. It's slightly creay so it glides over your eyes.

Lastly, my brush purcases. LOV LOV LOV LOV!!! I got the MAC 187 from the CCO for about $29. Yeah that's amazing. I use this brush for aplying my liquid foundation and my mineral veil. It's so soft too. mmmmm.... Ok and of course my Studio Gear #1 Kabuki Brush. I am a HUGE fan of Studio Gear brushes,...way more than MAC. Studio Gear is much softer and they last forever. This one will run you $50. I use this for my mineral foundation and to buff out any uneverness.


All right,..that's it. Hope you enjoyed!! If you have any questions or want a further review on any of these products,...let me know!

Stay Beautiful :)

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