23 May, 2008

AMP Cosmetics

Let me start out by saying that I am totally IN LOVE with this brand!!!!! Also Ralph, the creator, is absolutely amazing and I want to send out a huge THANK YOU to him for everything!! I've connected their site to the title of my blog so for anyone that's interested, just click there. Otherwise their website is http://www.ampcosmetics.net/Products.html. If you purchase anything from this brand, please let them know that you heard of them from SASSAFRAXIA!!

Ok so where do I even begin! Let's start with background info.

First off this is a new company. While they may not have as much as a variety as other brands that have been out for years, their options are still def good. They offer bright colored eyeshadows, pretty blushes and intense lipsticks.

Second, they are based out of California and were created by a makeup artist, Ralph Kacy, from that area.

Third, the size of their products is outstanding. Their eyeshadows, blushes and lipsticks are all 0.14 oz / 4 grams. I'll use MAC as a comparison since everyone seems to know this brand. MAC eyeshadows are 0.05 oz / 1.5 grams. MAC powder blushes are 0.21 oz / 6 grams. MAC lipsticks are 0.1 oz / 3 grams.

So you can already see that their eyeshadows are WAY bigger then MAC's, which I'll show you pics of a little later. Their lipsticks are also a little bigger and their blushes are actually a little smaller.

Ok, so now it's time for pricing! You won't believe this, everything on their site is $13. Yup,.. let me say this again,...EVERYTHING ON THEIR SITE IS $13!!! There are a few exceptions which I'll get to.

How amazing is that! So not only are their products bigger but their cheaper! LOVE IT!!

Ok so I'm sure you're wondering about the color pay off and if you're actually getting a good product. Well you are! The colors are highly pigmented with a very smooth application. The eyeshadows and the blushes are soft, so you don't need to press or rub very hard to get the product to come off. In other words, DON'T DIG INTO THESE PRODUCTS. The lipsticks also have a very good color payoff. To be honest I like this brand much more for their eyeshadows and their blushes(which you can also use as an eyeshadow), rather than their lipsticks. Then again I don't really wear lipstick all that much :)

So here's some more info on pricing. Again, everything on their site is $13 with these exceptions: Their Power Trios, which include 3 eyeshadow colors are $25 and they offer three different options. They also just added their Empty Playlist Palette which holds 8 of their eyeshadows or blushes which costs $20. The refillable eyeshadow or blush pans cost $7 each. ONLY $7!!!!

This is just the beginning of what all this brand has to offer. They also donate part of the sales to a charity and help musicians. Be sure to check out their site for more info.

Ok time for PICS!!!:

Ok so here's what their blushes look like. This is of course if you were to order them un-depotted from their website. It's def much better to purchase these already de-potted for $7 and then buy an empty palette.

Here's a look at their lipsticks. These are also $13. Oh by the way, do you see the color in the pic,..that's what it comes out like on your lips. There's no guessing around with these colors. What you see is what you get!

Here's a look at their empty Playlist Palette. These will run you $20 and as you can see it comes with a mirror. It also comes with a brush, which I failed to put in this pic. Sorry :(

So here's what their Playlist Palette and their Power Trio's look like. The one to the left is their Playlist Palette which I showed you a pic of an empty one earlier. The one to the right is their Power Trio. This one happens to be "Just Can't Get Enough", but they do offer 2 other options. These will run you $25.

Here's the colors that I currently have in my palette. The names of the colors are listed on the pic. Again,...LOVE THIS BRAND!!!!

This is a comparison in sizes between AMP's and MAC's eyeshadow. AMP is WAY bigger, oh and not to mention CHEAPER!!!

And,...the best part,.....SWATCHES! These colors are VERY VERY pigmented! All I have on my hand is some foundation and I applied everything dry.

Ok so I hope you like this brand as much as I do. If you purchase anything from them, let them know you heard oabout their brand from SASSAFRAXIA!!!

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