22 May, 2008

MAC Solar Field

Yet another MAC collection is out in stores today! This one goes great with their Neo Sci-Fi collection. Again, not a collection I myself am interested in,.. although I do plan on checking out the Black Ore Solar Bits. There may be a purchase coming up! Anyway,.... lots of metallic with these solar bits *cough* i.e. "pigments" but 1/2 the size in a diff container *cough* There's also a couple bronzers and some brushes.


Solar Bits ($19.50)
Sunpower Light metallic tan with gold pearlized pigments
Scatterrays Soft metallic peach with gold pearlized pigments
Black Ore RIch black with gold pearlized pigments
Bronzescape Yellow brown with gold pearlized pigments
Solar Bits combines concentrated amounts of powder pigments and pearlized particles to deliver vivid colour and intense shimmer with a soft, smooth, velvety finish.

Bronzing Powder ($20.00)
Solar Riche Midtone deep orange brown
Refined Golden Finely spun golden with soft pearlized finish
Thanks so much to temptalia.com for the awesome pics and info! :)

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