23 May, 2008

MAC Starflash Release Date Fall 2008

Can you believe it?! I mean honestly,..does MAC ever not have a collection coming out? Well this one isn't due till sometime this fall and it's called Starflash. I'll be sure to update you with new release date info and pics if they become available. These colors look AMAZING!!! Yes,..yet another large purchase from me.

Here's what I've got so far:

Dreammaker Frosty yellow gold (frost)
Grand Entrance Frosty neutral peach beige
Bold & Brazen Frosty light copper (frost)
Sunset B. Frosty clean mid-tone pink (frost)
Lotusland Frosted pinky lavender with gold pearl (frost)
Talent Pool Frosty blue green with gold pearl (frost)
Mink & Sable Frosty olive green (frost)
Smoke & Diamonds Frosty dirty taupe (frost)
Go Frosted bronze (frost)
Glamour Check! Frosty reddish brown
Top Hat Frosty dirty indigo (frost)
Star By Night Frosty mid-tone blue (frost)
Kohl Powers
Raven Intense black with red pearl
Orpheus Intense black with gold pearl
Mystery Rich black with green and teal pearl
Feline Rich black

thanks so much to emptalia.com for pics and info :)

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