31 May, 2008

MAC Overrich Release Date Fall 2008

Guess What...Yup,..ANOTHER collection from MAC. This one is caled Overrich and is due to release sometime August/September 2008. I must tell you I am SUPER SUPER excited about this one!!!! :)

Ok,..so first off this collection consists of 8 metallic pigments. Yes,..METALLIC! Ohhhhh I'm in love! There's also a wide range of colors so if you're into the neutral or the bold,..there's def a color or two for you!

So unfortunetly this is the best pic out there right now. I have been searching like crazy to get something else,..but no such luck. I'll be sure to update you when I find a better pic.


Blonde's Gold: Light tan with gold and white pearl

Antique Green: turquoise green with gold pearl

Vintage gold: Tarnished green with green pearl

Museum bronze: Rich taupe with gold pearl

Mauvemnet: Cool taupe with gold pearl

Mega-Rich: Frosty burnt orange with gold pearl

Copperbeam: Rusted brown with red pearl

Heritage Rouge: Deep burgundy with red and brown pearl

Thanks so much to kissandmakeup.tv for pics :)

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